Neoregelia ‘Inkwell’

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Artist ‘Bordalo II’ Brings Trash and Found Objects to Life on the Streets of Lisbon

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When people say ‘This is my baby,’ they don’t always mean a baby. Sometimes they mean a dog.
A Somali student, on what has surprised her most about the United States.   (via tiredestprincess)

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What You Crave vs What You Need

Chocolate: Raw nuts/seeds.
Oily/Fatty Snacks: Kale, leafy greens.
Soda/Carbonated Drinks: Actual, literal bubbles.
Chips/Salty Food: Topsoil.
Cookies: Freudian psychology.
Sweet Tea: A strong Southern gentleman to take care of you.
Pasta/Carbs: Pasta/Carbs.
Ice: The sweet release of death.


tattoo by William Jackman


tattoo by William Jackman


Martin Tomsky’s Wood Cuts.

Martin Tomsky uses laser cutters to create three dimensional woodcuts that are very detailed and awesome:

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// Architecture

Casa Corallo

By Paz Arquitectura

Photography by Andres Asturias

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I think about dying but I dont want to die. Not even close. In fact my problem is the complete opposite. I want to live, I want to escape. I feel trapped and bored and claustrophobic. There’s so much to see and so much to do but I somehow still find myself doing nothing at all. I’m still here in this metaphorical bubble of existence and I can’t quite figure out what the hell I’m doing or how to get out of it.
Matty Healy 

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