Scientific Name - Opuntia humifusa
Common Name - Eastern Prickly Pear or Indian Fig
Place of Origin - Eastern North America
Status - Not Threatened in Florida

This is a great, small opuntia species, rarely reaching over 8 inches tall. It’s pads usually trail along the ground and can spread up to 3 feet across. 

I’ve had this plant for about 5 years or more and each year it puts on a better show. Every spring it produces bright yellow flowers all over the clump. The flowers open in the early afternoon and shrivel by nightfall. 

Plants like full sun and fast draining soil, but mine tolerates part shade and still flowers well. The flowers are very attractive to wildlife, especially insects which pollinate the flowers. 

It’s an easy to grow plant that occasionally reseeds in my yard, pads that are broken off also root readily.